KALA NAMAK coarse salt - especially for vegan chefs

Also known as Indian Black Salt. When it is ground, it becomes brownish-pink and has a light taste of sulphur, which gives it a smoky, spicy, egg-like taste. Rich in minerals, especially iron. Used in Indian cuisine. Kala Namak is used sparingly in the preparation of raitas, yoghurt dishes, salads, and even fruit salads. Also a welcome addition as a finishing salt to fried noodle and rice dishes. It is not recommended as a cooking salt, as the sulphur tends to overpower; however, hardcore aficionados may dispute this! Kala Namak is very popular with vegans, vegetarians, and Ayurveda devotees, who appreciate its cooling effect and digestive qualities.
Produced in India. 
80g/2.82oz jar



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